Our Clients

Individuals and families like yours, with a strategic commitment to multi-generational wealth, are unique.  Because of your scale, your structure, and your time frame, you require different solutions than either institutional investors or typical high net worth investors.

You may be an established financial family with a family office, or an entrepreneur actively engaged in creating wealth today.  You will find Wealth Strategist Partners to be a good fit if:

  • You seek an investment approach that embraces opportunism, with a commitment to differentiated analysis and calculated risk-taking
  • You need an investment strategy that is integrated with your broader family context.  Your family may control businesses and/or other concentrated positions; your family investment structure may include trusts.
  • You know that many of the risks of managing wealth originate outside the investment process, and you seek to manage them effectively.
  • You trust, but verify. You believe, as we do, that trust should be earned, and insist on accountability, transparency, and alignment of interests at all levels.  We expect you to hold us to the same standard.

WSP’s investment strategies, like all investment strategies, involve the risk of loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results.