What We Do

Each of our CIOs is dedicated to only a handful of clients; we commit senior-level attention to each relationship.  We "hand-make" each client relationship, each client communication process, and each investment portfolio.

For our clients, we build investment portfolios that express investment themes based on fundamental, proprietary research and then carefully select third-party managers to generate superior long-term returns, net of fees and taxes.  In some cases, WSP operates as the client's outsourced CIO; in other cases, we work in concert with other advisors.

We align our interests and incentives with those of our clients. We invest our own family capital with the same philosophy and with many of the same investment managers that we recommend to you.  We build in checks and balances. WSP has no in-house investment products; we receive no commissions, brokerage fees, or soft-dollar compensation from other financial service providers.  WSP is owned entirely by the partners of the firm.

WSP’s investment strategies, like all investment strategies, involve the risk of loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results.