Wealth: Grow it and Protect It, Updated and Revised

Wealth by Stuart Lucas

Wealth by Stuart Lucas Wealth by Stuart Lucas Wealth by Stuart Lucas Wealth by Stuart Lucas

Wealth is an engaging and substantial book that helps you to design a strategic, focused, and disciplined approach to growing and protecting your financial assets. The second edition of Wealth, revised to reflect today's financial realities, is now available on Amazon. Wealth is required reading for the Private Wealth Management programs at both the University of Chicago and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Using Stuart Lucas’s family history as a case study, Wealth’s frameworks integrate all the key components of wealth management, with your values, strengths, and ambitions at the core. The book’s guidance applies whether you are worth a few hundred thousand dollars or a few hundred million, whether you have founded or sold a business or simply enjoy a lucrative career, whether you are a wealth owner or advisor.

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To purchase Wealth in English, you may order on Amazon.com and other online book stores. To inquire about ordering Wealth in Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, or bulk and corporate purchases, please call Susan Lucas at (312) 863-6082.

Wealth addresses all the right questions. It has already helped me and my family think through what is really important.

William J Poorvu, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School